What is WoohooManity?

We're all about Good Fun for Good™. As a public benefit B-corporation, much of our profit is committed to worthy causes such as Habitat for Humanity® and their mission to build homes for local families in need.

Where's the Woohoo?

Our first fun products are the YellFone™ and SpiritFuel™ FanFones™, for professional sports teams, colleges, and high schools looking for creative new ways to engage fans and sponsors. They are a mini version of a megaphone designed just for fans. Economical and customized with team colors and logos, FanFones can be used to enhance fan participation, boost home advantage, add revenue, and promote school spirit and sportsmanship.

How do I order?

Our new website and online ordering system are in the works. Until then, you'll just have to order FanFones the old-fashioned way, through real live human beings. We promise to make it easy and fun. To receive a free mockup customized just for you, drop us a line below and we'll get back to you promptly.

Thanks for visiting. Woohoo!

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